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At the turn of the last century some of the most beautiful  photographic prints ever made were produced on platinum paper. A  UV sensitive paper that contains no silver and produces an image of  platinum metal. And since platinum is so non-reactive, the images  are virtually indestructible. Surviving as long as the paper on which it  is made. The practice of producing platinum prints virtually died out  at the end of the first world war. Due mainly to the scarcity and cost  of platinum which became a strategic metal. However, since the late  70’s, platinum printing has enjoyed something of a resurgence  among fine art print makers. Partly for it’s beauty and partly for it’s  durability.   Today, in the field of monochromatic photography, platinum printing  has been characterized as one of the alternative processes. What  this means is that within the current myriad forms of digital and non  digital photographic printing processes, the application of non-silver  materials such as inks pigments and dyes are now considered as an alternative to the ubiquitous silver gelatin prints.  
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