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Allan King, Managing Director of Photo Vision Co.,Ltd. based in Calgary, Alberta , uses  photography to explore nature's light forms and issues of man and his environment,  culture,religion, and the world he creates and changes. Born in 1948 in Calgary, Alberta in  close proximity to some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the world, his work has been  influenced not only by his environment but also by his desire to become a research  engineer. Graduating from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry  ,soon to be followed by a Master's and Ph.D. in Mining Engineering, Allan worked as an  engineer for almost twelve years before settling down to pursue the work he loved the  most, to craft fine images in black and white in the tradition and style of the old masters.  Yet his engineering and chemical background was always an influence in his work and  way of seeing, his technique,and his understanding of the processes which control the medium in which he chose  to devote the better part of his professional career.  Allan's approach to documenting man and his environment always begins with a idea, which then evolves into a  concept for a theme to build a photographic essay. The images are in the first instant created in the mind and in the  heart - the true eyes of the camera. These visions are next captured on film ,and then in the darkroom are  produced,edited and studied for their ability to weave the theme together and tap into the emotional well of the  viewer.  
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