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As a Western Canadian photographer, the subject matter I am passionate about addresses primarily, but not  exclusively, the landscapes of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta and British Columbia, as well as images  from the national parks of Montana, Utah, Arizona, California, the Four Corners Region, and European  architecture, especially cathedrals and places of spirit. Since 1991 the majority of my work has been the  crafting of these images as fine art black and white prints for exhibitions nationally and internationally.  However, for the last five years I have chosen to express these images in the medium of the hand-crafted  platinum/palladium print because this classic process more fully reveals the entire original tonal scale. It  conveys a sense of three dimensionality, and enables me to convincingly translate the elements of space,  water, atmosphere,and land with a delicacy unattainable with any other process. In other words, from the  viewer's perspective, it creates a sense of presence. My preference is to photograph with large format view  cameras utilizing sheet films ranging in size from 8"X10", 7"X17",8"X20" up to and including the ultra-large  12"X20". I chose these formats because of their exaggerated rectangles, which extend the sweeping  narrative of the landscape, and because it most effectively articulates the way I see the world. And, from the  viewer's perspective, it invites a different way of seeing, more like a journey through a new land. The view  camera also has the unsurpassed ability to control perspective and capture the greatest amount of detail.  Images in platinum in some respects resemble the tonality and atmosphere of those late 19th century  National Geographic monochrome images, and the timeless ethereal quality of a platinum print is very much  suited to landscapes, architecture and portraiture.  
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